Recon.exe Replacement

New Contributor II

With Recon.exe being depreciated in 9.99.0, I thought it'd be a good idea to float this again to see what suggestions people have. We're looking for a Windows management option that scales down well--we're only talking about fifty or so machines. PDQ Deploy/Inventory has been suggested and looks great with one major exception: It doesn't work with Windows Home editions. Since most of our machines are off-the-shelf/donated, about half are Windows Home versions.

Any suggestions for a management option for Windows machines that's not so much hassle to not be worth it for a relatively small number of machines but still has at least the basic inventory functionality that Recon.exe gave us and works with Windows Home and Pro versions?


New Contributor III

We are currently evaluating Filewave for Windows. The licenses are based per client, so it should scale down well. As well as having a desktop client, I imagine it works fine with Home.