Recon flushes policy history?

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Hey, should Recon flush the policy history for computers that it locates?

We are trying to locate machines that may have fallen out of management. Recon's network scanner found several, but many of them were machines that were already in inventory, but with different IP addresses. Recon considered them to be new machines and thus flushed their policy history, which caused them to re-run all of our initial setup tasks (which are triggered by a policy).

I had the "Do not scan IP's of computers already in the JSS" checkbox ticked. However, I was under the impression that the primary identifier for machines is the JSS is their MAC address and not their IP. Why would Recon differ in this respect?

Any ideas?



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Any chance those Macs that got re-registered were connected with USB/Thunderbolt/Display Ethernet Adapters? Did you have those marked as Removable Ethernet Adapters in Inventory Options?

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We have a few of those adapters, but nothing that would account for the number of systems that we saw being reconned... we had more than 100 before we killed off the recon scan. Good thought, though.

Anyone else seen recon flush a machine's policy history?

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What version of Casper Suite? I believe that in v9 they were going to be moving to the hardware UUID (visible in System Information)...


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It's 8.64. But the 8.x series is supposed to use the MAC, not the IP, right? Recon seems to use the IP, which is contradictory. I looked at Recon from the 9.01 install, and it appears to have the same options as version 8.

I wonder why Recon wouldn't honor the primary machine identifier that the JSS uses??

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Wanted to post an update on this issue.

We were able to circumvent the recon policy flush by changing the following setting on the database:

use jamfsoftware;
update management_framework_preferences set flush_management_history_on_remanage =0;

We had to restart tomcat to make the JSS honor the new setting. However, this fixed the issue with policy histories being flushed.



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Good tip to share for those who run Recon to grab stray machines on the network by doing a sweep.