Recon freezing Macs after upgrading to macOS 10.14.3

New Contributor

We have been working on Summer Projects to get our iMacs, MacBooks Airs/Pros and Mac Minis up to the latest they can take.

Now specifically with the iMacs and MacBook Airs/Pros we are running into a situation where we run the uprade, everything complete successfully. We login with out admin account, open terminal and run "sudo jamf recon" everything goes fine, it asks for access to Contacts and Calendar and occasionally Photos. Once Recon completes if you go to click anywhere, such as to quit the Terminal app or the Apple menu to shut down the Mac you get the Pinwheel of doom and it just hangs there.

It does not happen every single time, but probably 7 out of every 10. Is anyone else experience this issue? Is it a known Mojave problem? For some older units that upgraded to High Sierra we do not have this issue.