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There are many thread out there and I've looked through many of them. It seems that remote access is still a bit of a challenge. In our organization we have used Kaseya, Splashtop, SolarWinds, Teams, and are now dipping into TeamViewer. Nothing has been super reliable, they all have issues.

I need a remote tool that our MSP can use to remote into any of our Macs and provide helpdesk support. They currently use Solar Winds, but it has not be very reliable. We also hope to get rid of these other RMM tools in favor all just using Jamf Pro, Protect, and Connect. We still need a remote tool.

I'm looking at TeamViewer. We get great non-profit pricing so its actually one of cheaper options. However how we would deploy it and manage connections isn't clear. We could push it out via Jamf, but the user still needs to do some things on their end to allow the connection, right? Has anyone rolled out TeamViewer (Business edition) and can walk me through that process?

Apple Remote Desktop or Jamf Remote are of course other options. However most of our Macs are not on our local network. We could use a VPN, but that has issues of its own to sort out and manage.


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I'm hoping Jamf/Apple comes out with the ability to do more remote access outside of the same local network also!

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You can look into SimpleHelp and AutoTask has the Datto RMM suite which we use also which we use both here in my organization to manage Mac and Windows systems.


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We use Teamviewer. A handful of full licenses on the IT end and QuickSupport on the clients. You cannot pre-allow Screen Recording etc in Privacy & Security, but you can give non-admins the ability to tick the preference without unlocking the padlock with PPPC Utility. I have done a user-friendly document for this but its pretty easy for 1st line to explain in the heat of the moment. It works over the web without VPN etc so its the easiest solution.

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Google has a remote control system, works just great. Only snag on it as far as I can tell is that the user has to send you a code, to access their system. Its generated by the Google remote control system, but it expires in 5 minutes. But once you are in you can have full control of the computer you are connected in to, whatever the operating system.

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Let me advise everyone NOT to use ConnectWise Control. It's horrible. My company uses it and I absolutely loathe it. When ever possible I will use Apple Remote Desktop. It works every time. Oddly, Apple hasn't done anything to make it ask for permission to control the screen or screen record 🤔

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@BK74 Awesome! I would love to take a look at your document. Using Team Viewer as well, with a PPC configuration set.

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We use an application called Bomgar. Ours is setup to only be available internally on our network or the VPN, but it does not have to be setup that way. It works with a client on the remote device, and a server. You can either Jump on the remote device with the correct access or use give the user a session key to invite you. Bomgar is actually also what Apple uses for remote on assistance and is worth a look. The only issue we have is the jump clients like to die, but a JAMF EA checks for that and reinstalls as needed.

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Posted: 9/8/2020 at 10:37 AM CDT by howie_isaacks Let me advise everyone NOT to use ConnectWise Control. It's horrible.

I have to disagree with this sentiment. I have a couple years experience managing Labtech/ConnectWise Automate/Remote. Before that several years using it. The only gripe is the support can be slow to respond. I've worked with their higher tiered support as well as consultants to fit the needs of their tools to the company.

I miss a ton of what's offered, but it's too much for just Mac management alone in an Enterprise, and we're already covered for other platforms.

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Spashtop has been helpful for us.