Remove MAS installed apps as standard user account without authentication?

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Is there a way to allow a standard user account to remove Mac App Store (MAS) apps via Launchpad without the prompting of administrator credentials?

I'd like for our students to be able to remove some of the games they thought they needed to install but have since decided they would like them removed.


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How about you create Self Service items that does the uninstall for the user?

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There's an entry for in authdb that handles the rights to remove removing Mac App Store applications. The security authorizationdb command should allow you to adjust the rule


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Thanks @htse . I'll take a look into that.

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@smurphyusd346 , would love to know if you found a solution to this. Apple indicated there wasn't a way to accomplish this, but I was hoping to find out otherwise. Wonder if changing the authorizationdb gives uninstall rights to all applications or just those of MAS apps. Thanks for any insight.

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@cgraves I have not looked into it anymore and didn't try the authorizationdb method yet.

Post back if you find some results.