Replicating to USB for offline imaging slow

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Hi all - Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with replication speeds from Casper Admin?

I just spent a few hours setting up a workstation near the MDM server so I could replicate directly from the primary distribution point to a USB without having to grab all the data over the network, but the replication process (which only had to copy one 21gb file) took just over an hour and ten minutes.

I have plugged the USB 3.0 into a USB 3.0 port on the server, its not an issue with hardware as files are copying at normal USB 3.0 speeds.

If I manually copy packages to the imaging USB's 'Packages' folder, should it work the same or does the replication process write information for imaging as well?



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My understanding is that you should be able to just copy them across and as long as they are named the same it will work. But you can simply run a replication over it afterwards to confirm the files are still correct and Casper still thinks they are good.