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Hey folks,

Are there any issues with running Casper under Leopard? I want to move my "daily driver" machine to Leopard but I don't want to have any Casper-related problems with it.

What about the JSS under Leopard Server? We're wanting to play with some of the cool new features of Leopard Server, and the hardware we're thinking of running it on presently hosts our JSS under Tiger Server.

Thanks for any info you may have!
-- Bryan Vines
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I moved our Netboot image to 10.5 as I was fed up of running 2 images: On 29 Oct 2007, at 16:11, Bryan Vines wrote:
one for PPC and one for Intel. So far it's worked out nicely and I've had no problems.

However I've not tried running the JSS on 10.5 yet.

Hope this helps,


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I know the JAMF guys have been testing with Leopard all along here and I'm sure that it will be working fine, if not now for some reason, in very short order.

I'll be loading it up on Leopard server by weeks end I'm sure...pending no interuptions. =)

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I suspect the JSS won't have any problems since all it really needs is Java
container and a MySQL db. Don't hold me to it.

I've been running the seeds of 10.5 for the last month. The casper client
process (/usr/sbin/jamf) mostly works. Anything that attempts manipulates
NetInfo will break, because NetInfo doesn't exist. Also anything using
directory services will break.

Jamf put out a newsletter stating a Leopard compatible version will be
available today (10/29). I'd hold off until then.


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