Safari v6.1 and Casper Managed Preferences

New Contributor

It does not seem that Managed Preferences via Casper are honoring the settings entered into them for ( since the 6.1 upgrade. Is anyone else seeing this? We are running 8.64, due to not wanting to upgrade to 9.x as yet due to issues - waiting to hear if 9.2 fixes these.
However, for example, homepage is entered, but not grayed out, also it does not seem to reference "Top Sites" in reference to its defaults for 'new window opens with' and 'new tabs open with'. This worked fine with the previous version 6.0.5, we are running 10.7.5 as well.
I have rebooted the machine a number of times - to verify those settings are being picked up.

Let me know if there are any questions.