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I'm going to be pushing software updates once a month, two weeks after patch Tuesday. Ideally, people would have that two week period to apply software updates themselves (from our internal SUS) but then after that 2 week period, I want to force the updates on anyone who hasn't done it yet.

Would the best way be to make a scheduled task? If so, I can't really figure out the best way to say "two weeks after the second Tuesday." Ideas welcome...


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I thought about something like that, but with the smart group only scoped off of the OS update, that wouldn't catch things like QT or security updates. I could instead base off of the "updates available" attribute, which would cover that.

However, the whole idea is that I can fire and forget about it. I'd like to avoid having to re-assign the execution date on my policy every month. It's one more task that I have to keep in mind, document and worry about someone else doing should I be out/sick/on vacation etc.