Script to delete static groups (by name or ID)

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I have a number of static device groups that I need to delete (about 500 groups!).
I have all of the exact group names and the group ID's.
Could someone please help me with a script to load in these names or IDs and delete them in a batch?

Thanks in advance!


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Something along these lines perhaps? Not tested, but it should work or just need some tweaks.
You will need to of course update the relevant bits like the API username/password and the correct URL. If these are computer groups and not mobile ones, then use computergroups instead of mobiledevicegroups



group_ids=(1 3 5 10 12 13 18 20 21 28 35). ## Put all IDs in this array separated by spaces

for ID in "${group_ids[@]}"; do
    echo "Now deleting group id: ${ID}"
    /usr/bin/curl -u "${user}:${pass}" "${url}/${ID}" -X DELETE

Alternatively, if the group IDs are all in a file somewhere, you could point the script to that file to read them in instead and loop over each one to delete them.