Script to remove Extensis Fusion without user involvement (yes with a reboot)

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We need to remove Extensis Fusion from some computers that shouldn't have it installed.

We now Extensis offers an app to remove Extension Fusion, but that's just silly. :)

We opened a ticket with Extensis, they don't support scripted removal. #facepalm

Well, they didn't support the one liner in their postinstall script that installs plug-ins, and it wasn't until we told them "Gee that would be a great KB!" that they finally did start supporting it. ;)

So...does anyone have a script to remove Extensis Fusion?

We know atsutil requires we log out users if we make changes to User level font stuff, or that we reboot if we make changes to Computer level font we expect a reboot to be needed.

Before reinventing the wheel, wanted to see if anyone here beat that horse in the past, and might be willing to share their script?

I'm off to search GitHub...