Self Service blankness

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Self service app was working fine yesterday - now it is showing up blank. The top of the window (gray part) is there, but the rest is just white. What are some things to check for?

Rich Barron



Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 17:57:02 -0700

What Mac OS are you running? I do know the JAMF folks have had problems with
10.4 (Tiger).

I can't remember the exact string, but I think you can open a browser to
your JSS, enter "SelfService", "selfservice" or something similar and begin
your search there. Something like:

Hope this helps!



William M. Smith, Technical Analyst
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I am running 10.5. I am new to Casper, so I am not sure if I am configuring everything correctly. I'm going over all the documentation now and have even created a new CS4 install, set a policy to make it Self Service, restarted my target machine, and still getting a blank white page with the gray self service top.

This is a test machine and the policy says only deploy once to a machine. If I had installed CS3 on this once before, did a reimage, and then tried to use Self Service again - would that make a difference because the policy says only once per machine? Or will it know that I reimaged it or that it is not installed anymore? That is part of why I created a CS4 install - and still nothing shows up. But this is my first try with putting an Adobe package into Self Install on my own. Maybe I missed something or a few things?

Rich Barron