Self Service + Zendesk


I've searched all over Google for this one, but I'm still at a loss. And forgive me if this is easy as I'm relatively new to Jamf and Self Service. What I'm trying to do is create an easy way for a user to submit a ticket to our Zendesk ticketing system by using Self Service. Is this possible? (It must be.) If so, is there documentation or a walkthrough for someone who wouldn't even know where to start?


  1. Grab your Zendesk URL for ticket submissions:
  2. Within your Jamf Pro, navigate to:
    1. Settings
    2. Computer Management
    3. Self Service Plug-ins
  3. Click (+) New
  4. Enter a name
  5. Change Type to Plug-in URL
  6. Enter your Zendesk URL
  7. Choose to Display in Self Service or Display in Browser
  8. Upload and icon
  9. Click Save


Thanks! Looks easy within Jamf Cloud now that I know where to go! Now I just have to figure out if we have a Zendesk URL for ticket submissions or if I need an API for that. Thanks!

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The way we did this was to add a bookmark in Self Service and for the URL we used (or whatever your email is to generate tickets). Clicking on this in Self Service launches the default mail app and auto-addresses to your ticketing system. User just needs to enter subject and body.

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Thanks @wildfrog ! Great suggestion.