Setting identity preference cert for 802.1.X Wired (Ethernet)

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I have a script that sets the wireless identity preference cert (smime), but now I need to know the command to set the identity preference certificate for the wired network.

Por ejemplo:

#Find installed certs with smime
cert=security find-identity -p smime | sed '/Policy/,/Valid identities only/ d' | cut -d " " -f 4

#Set identity preference for Wired Network
security set-identity-preference -s "insert ethernet service name here" -Z $cert

With the set-identity-preference command what do you call for Ethernet? "" is for wireless.

Or is this even necessary using EAP-TLS?


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I am also in same need, I am confused about what can be the "set-identity-preference command what do you call for Ethernet?" .
I have googled regarding this, the only link I am able to get is,

In the above link they have specified as , for ethernet we have to give identity preference as, security set-identity-preference -c ${CN} -Z ${FINGERPRINT} -s but it is not working for me..

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The above thread explains, how to set identity preferences for WLAN(wireless) EAP-TLS,
but I need to set identity preference cert for 802.1.X Wired (Ethernet).