Setting up a second file share DP

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Curious as to if anyone has some tips on this. I've set up a second Fileshare DP in a separate building. How do I get it to replicate files if it's local only but on a different site? Do I have to manually transfer everything or could I just write a script to curl everything from my current DP? My master DP is running on my JSS server (ubuntu server 14.04 on a ProLiant box) and the new one is just a repurposed machine with Apache and a samba share serving over HTTP.


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I'm using a rsync script to sync all the DP.


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Reyna could also use the replication feature in Jamf admin for a fast one off sync

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@blackholemac I'm not sure if I can rsync or replicate from jamf admin. I don't have a vpn between sites and my second DP is local only. Unless I can rsync from I've never tried to rsync from a url and I don't know if it's possible to do it with the way I'm set up. What I tried to do was mount the share of the new dp and drag it into admin and replicate that way but it would just freeze or crash on me.

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So for your first deploy, you're best to just manually copy everything over (if you've got tons of gb's..) casper admin isn't needed for this.

As for keeping them in sync there's a few ways if you have no communication between them.