Setting Up VPP in JSS

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Hello, I am attempting to setup VPP in the JSS. I applied for licenses from Apple for the iWork suite for the 600 MacBooks that I manage. They emailed me and told me that I had not installed my VPP token yet in my mdm, how do I install this in the JSS (I downloaded the file and it ended in .vpptoken.)?

Also, once I have this setup, how do I get my managed distribution licenses into the JSS? How do I revoke the licenses from all of the computers at the end of the year? What do I need to do to send out a VPP Invitation so that students can login with their Apple ID, what is the best practice for this?

Our JSS Version is 9.72.


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I would start with taking a look here:

Casper Suite Administrators Guide

VPP Instructions start on Page 90

  • License will show up automatically one you upload your vpp token.
  • Currently, licenses are assigned to users. So to revoke those assignments, you would need to remove those users from the scope of the VPP assignment.
  • VPP has nothing to do directly with logging in as an Apple ID. You can use the Apple ID For Students program to create/verify Apple ID's for your students if you desire.

Hope this gets you started in the right direction!


I would update to 9.73 because you now have the option to restrict the app store (if needed) and still have apps available in the self-service (both free and managed dist.) for installation. Furthermore, depending how you set it up, you can get apps to auto-install if you choose.

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Quick question (and maybe dumb) as someone not quite into the VPP world yet - Are you able to setup VPP on (2) JSS's? I'd like to get this into our DEV environment and play around with it and create a work flow process to abide by our company standards. If all works out, would I be able to setup this up in PROD as well? (so basically have two 'connections' so-to-speak).


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You can only have a VPP service token (one VPP account) in one MDM server at a time, or else they'll fight and take licenses from each other. So you would not want it in both DEV and PROD. In fact, you have to be super careful if you raise another JSS from a restore of your PROD - you have to bring it up off network until you remove VPP and DEP from the new restore..

From page 94 of the 9.82 Admin manual:
"Note: Each service token should only exist in one location at a time. If the service token you want to upload already exists in Apple's Profile Manager, delete the service token from Apple's Profile Manager before uploading it to the JSS."


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My recommendation would be to have a separate VPP account for your production and dev environments. due to potential issues between the two servers "fighting" for assignments. You could see assignments and revocations spawn over and over again.

What's great is you can create an agent VPP account from your main one. Then in your dev environment just purchase free apps with managed distribution codes so you can practice to your hearts content.

Edit: @cdenesha beat me to the punch! :-) Listen to that guy, he knows what he's doing! I'm just here for the cake.

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Thanks @cdenesha and @freddie.cox. Very important to know!