Shared Local Admin Credentials

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How can I implement something similar to Microsoft LAPS on mac?

I want to achieve:

  1. One local admin account per mac - specifically for deskside support
  2. Each local admin has a different password
  3. Deskside support tech can retrieve password by looking up mac
  4. Password resets and rotates x-hours after it is retrieved by Deskside tech.

I have one solution (Password manager Pro) that may potentially work, but i am not sure if there is a central way to manage this?

Any ideas will be appreciated, thank you.


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We use macOSLAPS but LAPSforMac is a good alternative.

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Could you base the password on something like the serial number? If so that could be scripted to create and set each local admin user.

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You may also test EasyLAPS. I'm the author of this tool which is designed to regularly rotate the local administrator account password of a Mac and store it in a MDM like Jamf Pro or Jamf School.