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I am trying to make a smart group by OS version for all machines that have 10.6.x and for some reason it never picks them up, and the most I can get is like 50 to show up out of 500 machines that are running 10.6.4....

Any ideas?



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I have both a Leopard and a Snow Leopard group and the numbers add up like
they should.

Under OS Config. I have Operating System is LIKE 10.5 and 10.6 respectively.

Ryan M. Manly
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Try this

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these are pretty "low brow" suggestions, esp for someone who contributes so much to this list (and thanks for that btw), but I'll put them out there anyway:

- do you do the "managed" machine thing at all? Since we started using that I find a lot of my lists, saved searches and smart groups need to be also set to only show me "managed" machines.
- are you using OS "like" and not "is"?
- if you do a "is" for 10.6.4 (instead of 10.6) is that number accurate?
- are you doing "like 10.6." ? Maybe leave the last period out and do "like 10.6"? I get different results with between those two (by only 5 machines though)

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I just made groups for 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 via:

OS is like "10.5.6"
OS is like "10.5.7"
OS is like "10.5.8"

and the total = my OS is like "10.5" group so it looks like this is the way
to do it :)

Ryan M. Manly
Glenbrook High Schools

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Well what I do not get is that it only shows 163 machines when I do like "10.6" and we have 500. So I am missing 337 machines. Some of them may not be managed, and that may be why, let me mess with my frame work and find out if that is what is causing it.

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I don't think anyone explicitly said this, but ONLY managed systems are available to Smart Groups, if I know what I'm talking about. Hence why static groups and advanced search have the option to choose managed or unmanaged.

I have smart groups for Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard all done as suggested using Like 10.6 and I always do Not Like server. I have a separate group for those if they are truly managed.

Now there us still the issue of the counts in the smart group list not being accurate unless you edit and save criteria, without changing any criteria.

Craig E

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Well, that would explain it. I think something went awry during imaging of these machines so a lot of them show up as not managed... Guess I will take a dive into ARD Admin tomorrow and start scouting the wireless subnets only plucking out 10.6.x machines.

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Sure enough something went wrong with the imaging and most of these are not managed. Recreated the config in Casper admin, retyped passwords, double checked scripts all seems right now. No idea what caused it at all.

Now to hunt down all the machines on ARD admin and launch quickadd. This is I guess what happens when they give you 500 machines and say these need to be imaged and deployed in 4 days...

Oh well, just another day at the old job for me I guess :/