Smart Groups based on patch reporting messed up?

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I'm seeing all my smart groups based on comparing patch reporting versions as messed up.
Anyone else having issues?
It seems like the logic to evaluate the version is somehow flawed causing either incorrect results in my smart groups or no members at all (due to incorrect results).
For instance, I have a smart group looking for MS Word 2016 versions. It was created in 9.101.0 where it correctly told me I had ~500 members.
After upgrading to 10.3.1, then 10.4.1, it seems like the group is no longer updating correctly when inventory is run.
Looking at the weird behavior and trying to figure out what was going on, I cloned the group. The cloned group appears to be correct. Also, after cloning, the group appears to be updating correctly again.

I have a PI in for a similar issue where, when looking at the patch reporting for macOS, the smart group would process the first criteria but not the second part unless you put parentheses around it.
For instance, macOS >= 10.10.0 and (macOS < 10.11.0)
Without the parens, you would only get the >= part.
That is PI# PI-005898. Maybe this issue is related.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else was having issues.


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I'm seeing this issue as well. I have a smart group based off of "patch reporting version" > a specific value. The memberships are all off. It will show a host in the smart group being below my specified value. But when I got to "patch management" and look, it's at the current version. The two are not lining up correctly.

I'm on JPS 10.7.1