Some Configuration Profiles Not Installing

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With some machines lately some profiles won't install. In the management record the error is "The current system configuration does not allow the requested operation."

I know Apple silicon machines don't like kexts but not all Apple silicon fails. Confusingly for some that say failed in the management record when I look on the machine the profile is there. I can't tell if I'm making profiles wrong or not.


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If it is specifically KEXTs you are dealing with, it has to do with the boot security level of the device. Lowering the boot security will allow KEXTs to be enabled (for now). 


If you are dealing with KEXTs, I very strongly recommend stopping, and telling the business unit they need to find a new solution. It's not that Apple does not like you using KEXTs, it's that Apple totally retired KEXTs 4 years ago. Using anything with a KEXT is just a ticking time bomb.

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Oh, the joys of dealing with tech quirks! So, lately, I've been facing this hiccup where certain machines are just being stubborn about installing profiles. The error message is like, "Sorry, your current system setup isn't vibing with what you're trying to do." Classic, right? Now, we all know Apple silicon machines can be a bit finicky with kexts, but here's the kicker – not every Apple silicon device is throwing a tantrum. Some folks are scratching their heads because someone's shouting about a control record glitch, but when I check, lo and behold, the profile is right where it's supposed to be. It's like a tech mystery novel – can't quite figure out if I'm messing up the profiles or if there's some sneaky glitch at play. The struggle is real!