Suitcase Fusion 5 serialisation

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I was having trouble installing suitcase Fusion 5, many issues in fact, but eventually got there in the end.
This was a headache that was fixed I hope it helps someone!

Install Adobe apps first!!!

Serialisation: FIXED
Once you have installed Suitcase opened it and serialised it and when your happy then create your Snapshot (do not yet create the DMG file), when you get the list of Items you will notice that there is not a User folder there, in my experience it's because Casper doesn't seem to pick it up as changed or modified but it has!!!

You must then go to the User/Shared folder on your computer and drag and drop it into your list of items you want to image (make sure the route paths are correct), delete everything within the Users folder except these folders User/Shared. You will then notice inside the the Shared folder is a file called .STO160, this is the licence file. Now create the DMG file and bingo it will not ask for a licence now!! There are some other hidden files but I left them in there .localised etc

Make sure you check the following boxes in CASPER admin before deployment 'FUT', 'FEU' and 'install on boot drive after imaging'.

Also I have experienced issues with it not installing all the components, we all want to clean up the install by deleting language resources etc we don't want, but it if you do this in Fusion, you will be prompted on launch to install these missing components so don't delete anything (for example Frameworks/Resources/de.lproj.

I hope this helps!


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Thank You, this helps me out. We will be pushing out Suitcase Fusion 5 soon.

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The other day I gave Extensis support a call to find out some information for deploying Suitcase Fusion 5. You are right Neil the only file you need to license Suitcase Fusion is that hidden ".ST160" file. So I made a Policy with the .pkg directly from Extensis and a .pkg with only the ".ST160" file directly following after it. Test that on a few clean installs, and it works perfectly. A licensed copy of the software is installed, without any re-packaging.

The next thing I wanted to try was to deploy the fontvault, with our library of fonts. I knew that from this old Suitcase Fusion 3 article that you could copy the vault ( I just opened composer and made a DMG with the font vault location. In Casper Admin I made sure to FUT and FEU.

In order to move or import a fontvault you need to make sure the fmcore is stopped. I made a simple script to do a "pkill -9 FMCore" before moving the fontvault into the user template. If you have any apps like Adobe that rely on suitcase fusion, just make sure they are installed first so that when Suitcase gets installed, it auto enables the plugins.

Hope this helps,

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Haven't really had a need for this thus far, but now have a request to install 5 or so copies. Can I just use one SN for all of them, even though I have multiple SNs or does it keep track of it like Filemaker or admit mac does and only allow one use?

Thank you for the heads up on this! Saving me a lot of time trying to figure it out.

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as far as I know in earlier versions you could put it onto a couple of machines with the same serial but after that you did get network conflict, not too sure about the newer version, I had several copies as you did and I contacted Extensis and they were very helpful and converted the five serials to one serial, I have a site licence now, you may want to give this a try first,

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jwojda - What did you end up doing regarding the serial numbers? One SN for all of them? Any network issues?

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I have one site licence, I think 15 copies so I used the same serial, I think suitcase knows if its only a single use licence once it interrogates the network upon launch