system_profiler hangs?

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I'm using system_profiler in an extension attribute script to provide the location of all the preference pane files.

system_profiler SPPrefPaneDataType | awk '/Location:/ { print $2 }'

Generally speaking this runs every time without issue. On some systems, and only once in a while on those, it will hang. I cannot determine why it hangs some times. It causes Inventory Update to hang on the client and not report in until I log into the client and kill -KILL the system_profiler process. It won't kill with a simple kill -TERM or kill -HUP. When I run this by hand from a terminal window I've only had it hang once in many months.

Anyone else use this command and ever have this experience?
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I have not any experience with this command, though I am curious for what reason you need the preference pane file locations?

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Our secure configuration guidelines recommend that the MobileMe preference panes not be visible. We set the permissions on them to 000 and we monitor that they stay that way.