trying to bind a Mac that was previously joined to a domain getting dsconfigad: The plugin encounter


I am getting a dsconfigad: The plugin encountered an error processing request. (10001) when I attempt to use a Jamf policy using the directory option to bind a Mac to a new domain. The Mac was previously bound to another domain and was removed from that domain. The search field in directory Utility still retains the path to the old domain. Doing a dsconfigad -show does not come back with anything. I know this is an older error and I have not seen it recently. 


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How as it removed from the domain? Did you run a policy to remove the bind, or was it just deleted out of Active Directory? I havent had to do this in a long time, but maybe try this command on it and see what happens: /usr/sbin/dsconfigad -remove -force -u none -p none