Updating computers while sleeping and lid closed.

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Has anyone attempted to perform policy updates or installs to computers that are in cart(s) asleep and lid closed? I notice the computers check-in while in this state, therefore, why not push updated policy at night when no one is around?


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You might take a look at "NoSleep 1.4" from Google. I've been testing it for just this purpose:


Installs seem to stall out with lid closed (when laptops are in a cart, for instance) unless this extension is present....let us know if you have any luck with it.

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To commands that might be useful depending on what your trying to do and if your into scripting.
caffeinate (Can be used to tell the machine not to sleep etc...).
pmset (Can be used to force the machine to wake properly at specified times).
I use pmset to preprogram a wake in the middle of the night and then have specific policies set to only be able to run during that same window.

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I'm wondering if anyone has any better solutions, now that it's been 2 years.

I tried setting a scheduled startorwake with pmset, and it's showing in the Energy Saver pane, but the devices don't seem to honor it, if the lid has been closed long enough.

Leaving caffeinate running 24/7 seems like an extraordinarily BAD idea. Not just for when it's on battery, but also when the lid is closed, and it's in a locked cart, with a couple dozen other computers running it. Might get a bit warm in there!

Has anyone else seen the pmset behavior we're seeing? Note - I haven't tested it under Sierra yet, and we had Deep Freeze last year. That's going away now. Maybe (hopefully) that will fix the problem with pmset - can anyone else confirm or deny?

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We opened a ticket a while back regarding this. The issue being jamf binary not supporting Power Nap, not working when computer is asleep, etc.

There were some options tossed on the table, such as using Network State Change trigger, which, given how often network state changes on wi-fi/ethernet, would cause a flood of check-ins.

Off to vote up this Feature Request: Trigger a policy to run during Power Nap


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When I was in edu, neighboring school used this, It's setup for Munki, but could be modified to work with Jamf

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@donmontalvo - Upvote applied!

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@donmontalvo - Upvote applied!

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Trying to get NoSleep to push out to student laptops, but after creating the .dmg using composer, it did not save the settings. I'd like to have it enabled while plugged in for power and start upon startup. Is there a command I need to run separately? Thanks.

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It's now 7 years later. Anyone have a reliable process for updating and maintaining laptops that are in sleep mode?