Upgrading JSS, does it require upgrading clients?

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The upgrade guide doesn't cover whether or not the client software needs to be upgraded when upgrading the JSS. I just upgraded from 9.8 to 9.9.2, do I need to do anything with the client software? It should be a minor update so there might not be a client update required in my case.

I assume that major updates might require a new client, so how is that done?


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Clients will update their JAMF framework the next time they check into the JSS. In that sense, you don't have to do anything special. They will always update themselves to match the JSS version.

I always forget to make new QuickAdds when a new version comes out, but even then it updates itself when it checks in.

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The only client software I know if is the Self Service app. That should auto update if you have the auto app updates installed and I so far haven't had any issue with clients Self Service when I wasn't auto updating apps and I updated the JSS.


As @adamcodega said, the jamf binary gets upgraded when it does a policy check to match the JSS version.

You can check the jamf binary version on the client by running the following in terminal.

jamf -version

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While the clients should automatically upgrade, we've seen issues where they didn't. So after an upgrade I keep are report of machines that are still on the old jamf version. Worst case create a policy to update them.

Keep in the mind that going from 9.8 to 9.9.2 is a big change. So you'll have to update all the techs with the latest version of Remote if they use it. People who package can use Composer ok, but will need newer version of Admin to upload.

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Thank you all! Good to hear the framework updates automatically. :)

I'll look at collecting jamf versions and building groups to track progress. Thanks for the tips.