Valid Credentials Are Required to Enroll This Computer. Can't Recon Machines


As of this morning, I an unable to enroll any machines either by quickadd or the recon app.

sudo jamf enroll -verbose
Error: Valid credentials are required to enroll this computer. Use either the -invitation or the -prompt option to authenticate
sudo jamf enroll -verbose -prompt
verbose: Successfully downloaded the certificate ".....Certificate Authority"
verbose: Successfully added the certificates to the System keychain...
verbose: Restoring JAMF.keychain Device Identity in the JAMF Keychain
verbose: Error submitting enrollment status to the JSS: Security Error - A security error has occurred.

Any thoughts? This appears to be a JSS issue given that I can't enroll any machines, not just one.


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Did you find what is was? We have got the same problem and I'm unable to locate it

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@dhanes if the machine has already been enrolled before, you might have to delete the record out of JSS. When enrolling a machine that has already been enrolled before, it sometimes cannot overwrite the data in the tables due to a special character. So if it is in the JSS, delete it and then try again.