What triggers a Restricted Software record on a client system?

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When a Restricted Software record is created or updated, what triggers the newly created or updated record to be available on a targeted system. Specifically, on the client system does; jamf policy, or jamf manage, or jamf recon, or any other jamf command have to be run? Or does the client system get the record at the time of the recurring checkin?
JSS 9.65, Mac OS x 10.6 - 10.11 clients.
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John McNair


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I haven't tested it now in some time, but when I did, I believe it was the jamf manage command that pulled down the new Restricted Software settings. In other words, it was applying the management framework that got the new settings. It may have changed since I looked at that though.

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I was playing around with this last week, it's sudo jamf manage.

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+1 to @Abdiaziz

$ jamf help manage

Usage:   jamf manage 

Notes:   This verb enforces the entire management framework from the JSS, 
     including scheduled tasks, the restricted applications, and the Global Management settings, such as the startup 
     script and login/logout hooks.

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+1 to @Abdiaziz We use sudo jamf manage a good amount (students find the oddest games)