Should we wipe iPads over the summer?

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We are in our second year of 1-1 iPads. At the end of the school year, we collect student iPads and store them over the summer. Returning students recieve the same iPad at the start of the next school year. Last year, our first year of summer storage and student return, we ran into issues where students couldn't remember their passcode and we had to manually wipe too many iPads. This year, I plan to clear the passcodes and passcode policy requirement prior to students turning them in for summer storage.

Now I'm wondering if I should wipe the devices over the summer to clear junk and give students a fresh start with the most updated iOS? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wiping them? Best practice?



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Last summer was my first time at our school, and we wiped all of the iPads. We plan to do so again this summer, mostly for updating to iOS 15.

As you mentioned, the advantages are things like clearing junk and updating the software.

As for disadvantages, the biggest hurdle would be the process itself, depending on your size. We have over 600 iPads that we manage, and doing that manually was time consuming. This summer we plan to use some syncing carts to restore iPads enmasse, which should greatly reduce our time and effort. The second part is to then enroll the iPads again once they have been wiped, which I am working on a script solution with the API.

If you do decide to wipe iPads, Apple Configurator 2 should be your best friend.