Time Restricted URL/App Block

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Hi All.

We would like to block access to YouTube between certain hours for our iPads. It is obviously possible to do this via the Jamf Teacher App. I'm surprised that it isn't possible on a global level via the main Jamf interface.

Or am I missing something? Is there some way to achieve this?



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You could make a profile with a time filter. Block the URL and the App via positiv/negativ List

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Thanks for the response.

Aren't I correct in thinking that the time filter only restricts when the actual profile is installed though?

Hi Nick.

We use time filtered profiles to disallow students to use certain apps (e.g. private games) during school hours.

Time filtered profiles work as follows

- As soon as the time filter says that it is time for the profile to be active, Jamf sends a command to the corresponding iPads.

- That command reaches only 60-80 % of our student iPads. We have to tell the students to open the Jamf Student App, which establishes a connection to the Jamf server, causing the profile to be installed in almost 100 % of the cases.

- If anybody knows, how to work around and get a reliable timed profile, please let me know.

- After school hours, Jamf sends a command to the iPads to remove the time filtered profile. Some students experienced delays or that the profile hasn't been removed automatically. In that case, we advice the students to open the app Jamf Student again, which reliably removes the profile. Students are happy that they can use private apps again.