JAMF Connect - Password Change Window

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Hi all,

Looking for some info on this one .. I currently have my JAMF Connect setup and deployed and all is working but... when i have user change their password via the GUI - the JAMF Connect UI opens - User auth's via OKTA but I they need to scroll down to the "Change password" option .. 

Does anyone else know if i can change my settings so that I dont large non user friendly UI ... 

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 15.44.19.png




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I struggled with this too. Unfortunately, that is the default way to change a password through Okta. I asked if there was another other option (or a direct link to the change password, and apparently there is not.) 


There are a couple of alternatives:

  1. Check the team that manages your Identity Management and ask them if there is any other webpage that can be used to change a user's password. There might be an alternative, especially if your Okta instance is federated with On-Prem AD or Azure. (For my company, we have a website that allows users to change their AD password, even externally. I just pointed my change password URL to that URL.) 
  2. If you are using Kerberos in your environment, users will be given a different prompt when they have a Kerberos ticket and the password will be changed directly in AD. But that requires the users have line of sight of the domain. In the current WFH model, that is not always the case.



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I'd love to see this fixed as the same issue happens with OneLogin.  We ended up just teaching our users.  The only other thing I could think of is to open a request for this to be changed.  Were going to connect with Jamf soon on this ourselves to see if this can be changed modified but for now we have our workaround.


I agree.  We should be able to configure the window size.