NoMAD Local Password Sync feature isn't working for me

New Contributor

Well, let's try to put you in a clear context about my actual setup. I am IT manager for a large company, we use Windows PC for 95% of the business, however our design team and web development teams are using Apple computers. All the Mac are recent computers all running MacOS Catalina and are fully updated. Those computers are NOT bound to our local AD because they are all teleworkers never comes physically at our office and connect to the local network. They are working through a SSL VPN and access network shares on our Windows file servers using native AFP provided by Acronis File Connect (formerly GroupLogic ExtremeZ-IP), but this doesn't matter since it use Windows AD authentication anyway.

I decided to install NoMAD because I wanted to give an easy way to these peoples to change their AD password (which is sync to many other services such as O365 Business, etc.) as per our company password expiration policy and strength, what was previously a nightmare with the Mac since they are not bound to AD. Previously I had to perform myself (as the IT manager) their password change directly into the AD every few months.

So after deploying NoMAD and performed the easy setup through the VPN, everything is working fine, except that I've seen that NoMAD is supposed to be capable of syncing the local password of the Mac with the AD password. So I performed the command
"defaults write com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD LocalPasswordSync 1"
to enable the feature, then rebooted several times since (at per normal use), but even if I see that NoMAD is correctly communicating with the AD (through the VPN) and the user have the "green" checkmark on the NoMAD icon, the user never have any prompt telling him that his local password don't match the AD password as supposed if I believe the NoMAD documentation.

Well it's not a big deal of course, the local profile password may remain different from AD password, however I found this to be a "nice to have" feature if I can make it to work...

Any suggestion for a fix? Or did I miss something in the NoMAD documentation about this feature?