Deploy Smartnotebook


Does anyone know how to deploy SmartNotebook v.23?

I downloaded SmartNotebook and uploaded the pkg to Jamf Pro and created policy and set for Self Service and it fails everytime.

It looks like the SmartNotebook pkg has a packaged with a tool that checks the computer to see if it is compatible to be able to install.

I have a feeling that this might be causing the pkg to not install.  

Does anyone know how to get past this feature?

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It's been a minute with SmartNotebook! I do remember running into odd stuff. Where did you get the package? Are you using the Smart Install Manager?

Things have probably changed a lot. I do remember SmartNotebook having decent documentation to build their packages. Try there?

Old link:


Hi Obi-k,

I downloaded the pkg from the Smartboard's website. The pkg runs a computer check in the beginning when launching the installer which fails when teachers run it from Self Service, but works if installs locally.  

There is no option to disable that computer check in the Smart Install Manger.  I opened a ticket with SB, so hopefully there is a solution to get pass the computer check.  




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It has "run-on open" scripts. That's been the case for their installer for awhile. Running it interactively will surely bring it up as it should, but an admin installer customized by the install manager will have no issues getting deployed by a policy. Can you share your policy log for this policy? 

I also suggest downloading and installing Suspicious Package as it will be of great help determining what's inside a pkg you've downloaded from the internets.


I downloaded their Install Manager and there's nothing in there for me to change.

I tried the Suspicious Package and I think the script is called, but I'm not able to delete or edit it.

I can't be the only person that has encountered this issue, so strange.

I created a ticket with them twice and still havn't heard back yet.