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常見 FAQ - 教育部「數位學習精進方案」- IT 管理員

FAQ 會不定期更新,如果有任何問題,歡迎隨時來信 1.我收到 Jamf 的歡迎信,但嘗試登入卻發現系統顯示失敗? 訂單成立的同時,Jamf 系統會自動發送歡迎信給預設聯絡人,引導你創建您的 Jamf ID。創建 Jamf ID:如果創建帳戶的過程出現錯誤,有可能您的經銷商之前已經幫此 email 申請過。若是不記得密碼,可以前往此頁面重置。重置 Jamf ID 密碼:https://i...  View more

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Going to ISTE? Jamf will be there!

Greetings, Jamf Nation - Is anyone going to New Orleans from June 26-29 for ISTE LIVE 2022? We'd love to see you and give you some sweet, sweet swag! While you're there, we can bring you up to speed on all the awesome ways Jamf is empowering student ...  View more

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The Jamf Breakfast Club is now available on demand

Are you wondering what the Jamf Breakfast Club is all about? Have you missed a session and would like to catchup? Well we have a brand new page with all our Jamf Breakfast Club sessions all in one place. Check out  View more

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Join us for Jamf School of Thought

珞Good morning all! Please accept this invite to join Mike Lawrence and I, along with Apple Distinguished Educator Michael Hernandez for our first episode of Jamf School of Thought. Join in our conversation around storytelling and authentic listening!...  View more

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what's outside of your comfort zone

It isn't every day that my scroll through LinkedIn leads me to read and deeply think about a post by one of my connections. But this post by @rafjam made me take a beat and think about so many things in regards to our healthcare systems and the peopl...  View more

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An error occurred while running AutoPkg

Has anyone seen these errors? these are only a few of them. they occurred after autopkg mac min ran out of room then it was cleaned.The following errors occurred:WARNING: plist error for /Users/macadmin/Library/AutoPkg/RecipeOverrides/MicrosoftOneDri...  View more

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Jamf Teacher/Student App-Updates

Hi everyone, is it anyhow possible to hide the "App-Updates" tile in the Student and Teacher apps? Yesterday i had an incident where a teacher pressed the link to update all apps in the Teacher app. While updating, the Teacher app asked to login to j...  View more

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