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Where do you go?

A few questions on my mind this afternoon around where one might go: Curious to know where you go for professional learning? What are your top three resources you reference to keep up-to-date on your ed tech knowledge? How do you learn best? Hands-on...  View more

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Are you speaking in 2024?

Greetings, EDU friends - As the new year approaches, I thought I'd reach out to see if any of you had been tapped to present as a speaker at any upcoming conferences? It's a huge honor and a great opportunity to showcase the great work you are doing ...  View more

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Join us on Slack!

If you have found us through Jamf Nation and would like to connect with us on the MacAdmins slack, please join us at the following channel:#hoosier_macadmins on Slack? Join the community by reg...  View more

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Putting a Spotlight on Your Institution's Success

Greetings, EDU-Jamfs! While it's easy to forget to do, it's important to shine a light on the great work you and your team does to deploy and secure Apple devices for staff, faculty, and in many cases, students! Here are two upcoming events around th...  View more

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