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No SecureToken for prestage admin

I've seen a lot of posts on this but none quite like I am experiencing. We have a laptop and a desktop prestage. Both create local admin account before setup assistant the laptop creates and admin during enrollment. The desktop skips it. However what...  View more

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Sonoma DMG Issue

I am in early testing of the upgrade path we have been using for the last few years. Make a package with Composer and use that for the install. When I go and make the DMG with the Sonoma install, Composer errors out and cannot make the DMG. Anyone ha...  View more

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Stop Jamf Connect Login Window

Not my organization, used a photo from Google.How can I stop the Jamf Connect login window from coming up every time someone uses a computer? We have a lot of shared users and they sign in with an SSO. We want to prevent people from accidentally sync...  View more

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Resolved! Give applications "full access."

I work in an education environment and some of the new features in Ventura have prevented our students from using the programs in the way they used to.For example, they have limited access to Garage Band and aren't able to make their own changes or a...  View more

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macOS 14 Sonoma - Setup Assisten Options

Hello everyone,Now Sonoma is finally released. I guess we're not alone in having trouble rolling in Macs with Sonoma. In our case we unchecked the following under Setup Assistent Options in PreStage to get it to work with Ventura:Location Services, T...  View more

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ssl certificate

hi guysI hope someone can help. I am planning to push an SSL certificate to all of our iPad devices as part of safeguarding rules. We need to generate a report on this, but I am struggling to find a way to push our SSL certificate to iPads using Jamf...  View more

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Jamf Now to Jamf Pro

I’m looking to switch our organization from Jamf Now to Jamf Pro, we have about 200 devices (iPads). From my understanding we’ll need to erase every device and setup as new on Pro. Is this information correct, or are there other options? I’ll be the ...  View more

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Confusion on macOS Versions

I'm a little confused that on my actual machine, it says that macOS Sonoma is version 14.0 yet in Patch Management it's looking for version 19.0.2.What is the difference? We have had other machines on the network update and they not showing under Pat...  View more

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Deferring macOS Sonoma for 6 months

Hi, Is there a plist or config I can manually push to devices that allows me to defer an update for more than 90 days? When Apple releases a new major OS, we typically wait until they are in the 14.3.or 14.4 version since I started working in a compa...  View more

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Can't block Sonoma

I have deployed a Config Profile with the following code to block Software Update from seeing the major OS releases (Sonoma) for 90 days with for the domain: enforcedSoftwareUpdateMajorOSDeferredInstallDelay 90 forceDela...  View more

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 1.25.05 PM.png
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Enable Safari Extensions

Hi everyone, we are currently working on enabling a Safari extension. However, we've encountered issues creating the Plist. Do you have any suggestions on enabling extensions for Safari? Are there any recommended Config Profiles?  View more

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Planning Template?

Good morning, everyone! Does anyone have a new JAMF project planning template I could use? Rolling out a deployment from scratch at my new job and want to make sure I cover everything the higher ups might want to request. I have experience in JAMF Pr...  View more

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Resolved! Policies stuck in pending.

From time to time I encounter policies that get stuck in pending and I don't know how to resolve the issue.Example, today a new system was setup for a user and enrollment complete fine. I have an enrollment trigger set for a provisioning package that...  View more

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