JAMF Connect Not asking for Local Account sync

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I've recently migrated a fleet of laptops into a new JAMF instance using JAMF Connect. Everything has gone smooth but i have two users with an issue i can't explain. When they log out for the first time and log back in, instead of being prompted to connect the user to a local account, it skips right past that part and creates a new user instead. I've only asked one of them to unenroll-renroll but that didn't seem to fix anything. I know i could move them over to the new account that is created but that might be painful. Any thing i'm missing or can check? Right now they are just having to log out and log back in Locally to get to their original account where all their local data is. any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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Do you have the Migrate option set to True in com.jamf.connect.login?



Maybe post your (sanatized) plist to review?