Old Roster Data in Apple Classroom on iPadOS

New Contributor III
We currently roster Apple Classroom through Apple School Manager using staff and student Managed Apple IDs. While everything worked as expected last school year, we've run into an issue this school year. We decided not to wipe/re-enroll our devices over the summer so we simply left them as they were from the last school year, including leaving the students signed in to their Apple IDs. At the start of this year, around 2/3 of the students received their new classes from Apple School Manager as expected, but the other 1/3 did not, they still show their old 2022-2023 classes on device. Everyone has the correct and current classes in ASM.
In troubleshooting, we've updated the impacted devices, wiped all settings, and tested the Apple ID to see if it's actually functioning. The update/settings wipe had no impact and the Apple ID was indeed working correctly as we could create files in the Files app and have them correctly sync up to iCloud. From there, we simply signed out of the Apple ID and signed back in, this brought down the correct rosters in all of our issues. The problem is this is obviously a large undertaking to do this to all impacted devices. Has anyone experienced this, and if so, found any better solutions?