Access Based Enumeration on Windows Server Shares

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Is there a way to make access based enumeration work for Macs when Windows Servers are configured in this manner?

Our network staff is looking to make use of this feature for our environment which consists of both Mac and Windows users and even some who use both. I've done some searches and it looks like people are always saying to turn it off but I thought I'd ask if anyone has an update on this saying it can be done.

What about Apple's Enterprise Connect or one of the other AD plugins or options?


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You can use it for Windows but the Macs will ignore the setting and show everything. Obviously then NTFS will kick in for permissions though.

We have it turned on for some shares and it doesn't cause any problems.

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Yes, ABE (access based enumeration) on Windows Server will work with Mac OS. (I have this setup and use it today)