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Went to the JAMF link provided:

Downloaded the installer:

Open the .DMG and then right click and show package contents of the 'Install Adobe Flash Player'. Navigate to ContentsResources. However i do not see any type of installer .PKG in this location as other discussions here have pointed out with prior versions. Is the file no longer present? Is there a new way to install Flash that does not utilize this? Any way to get that .PKG from another source?


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Download the System admin version from (sign up as well btw)

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Sign up at Adobe's site for an administrator distribution license. You'll get a link to a full standard package installer you can use instead of messing with their silly .app installer.

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Excellent. Both answers work and are exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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I incorporated a fallback option to curl down the DMG from Adobe and install manually if our Flash update scripts fail for any reason (DP mount failure, pkg not found or verified, etc). We're doing a fast push for this right now since it's kind of a big deal.


curl -o /tmp/FlashUpd.dmg
if [ -f /tmp/FlashUpd.dmg ]; then
    hdiutil attach /tmp/FlashUpd.dmg -mountpoint /Volumes/FlashUpdateVOL -nobrowse
    installer -target / -pkg "/Volumes/FlashUpdateVOL/Install Adobe Flash Player.pkg"
    umount /Volumes/FlashUpdateVOL
    echo "Could not find Flash installer DMG"

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Why you no use AutoPkg?

autopkg run AdobeFlashPlayer.pkg

or with some additional setup:

autopkg run AdobeFlashPlayer.jss

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I've never been able to figure AutoPkg/AutoPkgr out.

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AutoPkgr + JSS:

JNUC 2014

Auto Update Magic

We utilize in our test environment and it's very helpful!

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So I use Composer to create a snapshot DMG and then use this as a base for all further updates. The advantage of this is that you can push out the update, even if the browsers are open. Invariably the only thing that changes in an update is the Flash Player.plugin file

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+1 for AutoPkgr. Though admittedly I tend to go right to Adobe for the Flash distributor if I hear about the update before the recipe gets updated.

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I simply deploy the administrator pkg that Adobe distributes. It can be installed while browsers are open, but that doesn't mean they will start using the new plugin version without a relaunch.

In my testing, after installing the pkg Safari needs to be quit and relaunched to start using the new plugin version, but Firefox does not. After installing, I prompt users to quit Safari and give them 15 minutes before I killall Safari.

I'm honestly not sure what AutoPkgr brings to the table for Flash, apart from maybe adjusting the pkg metadata for consistency and putting it into the JSS for you. The pkg itself is perfectly fine to drop into Casper Admin.


There's also rtrouton's autoupdate script, which I prefer. Upon new updates, I just flush all logs, and new update gets installed on recurring checkin.