AirPlay Connection Issue

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Hi all,

I manage over 120 4th Gen AppleTV at a large school. Recently the IT manager made a decision to roll out the 2017 MBP to some staff (previously everyone was required to use a Win10). As part of this rollout, we installed AppleTVs in all our teaching spaces as a means to connect the MBP to the classroom projector. All ATVs are contained on their own VLAN, initial discovery is through Bluetooth as it's not practical to have 120 devices on the airplay menu.

Now we are experiencing major issues in regards to the initial ATV discovery, a lot of devices will not pick up certain ATVs. It's very random and cannot be isolated to a particular series of events, it works one day but not the other. Sometimes a power cycle will fix it - other times a power cycle will do nothing. It's becoming incredibly frustrating, more than likely we'll need to purchase USBC - HDMI dongles as it's simply not reliable for the teaching staff. All the Apple TVs are on the latest update and the staff MBPs are on OSX HS.

Has anyone battled with this problem before?


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Have you found a solution to this problem as we are having a similar issue but its iPads!


So we took the apple tv's off wifi completely and were able to airplay to them as long as the mabook is on wifi and Bluetooth is turned on, we are able to connect with them, no more buffering, no more get bumped off, Teachers are loving it.

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One of my previous employers had the same issue and discovered it was due to an air cleaner "feature" on their Xirrus access points. Check to see if your access points are doing any wave "cleaning" (not sure what the technical term is).