Annoyance with Policy Log Script Output - Single line output

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Hi Jamf,

Annoying issue with Policy Logs in 10.1.1 going on here.

I have a computer policy that runs at logon and mounts SMB shares for domain users via a Script. The script works most of the time, but occasionally it will fail for a user. I've build some error logging into the script to help diagnose.

If I go into the Policy > Logs > Details, all of the output under "Script Result:" is a single line which ends up being a pain in the neck to read. All formatting is lost and it just becomes a giant paragraph of information. Every time there should be a line break, the output shows <br/>.

The part that gets me though, is that if I click into the Computer Record for the machine that failed and go to History > Policy Logs > Show, the output for "Script Result:" is perfect and split up into multiple lines! Easy to read and makes life easy.

This seems like a CSS/HTML issue since all the data is the same, it just displays differently depending where you view it in the JSS.

Any chances of getting this fixed?



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I get the same, its very very annoying