Auto-unassign computer based on AD user account status (Active vs Inactive)


Hey Friends,

Has anyone successfully set up a method to auto depro a user from Jamf? I've been tasked with helping out our help desk with offloading, and I'm triyng to figure out a way to use the Jamf API to automatically remove the user assigned to the machine in Jamf.

Has anyone figured out a simple way to do this or could point me in the right direction? Admittedly my API skills are limited, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Not tried it but just put this together to get you going. It needs the code to check Active/Inactive for the user in AD, but in theory, if attached to a policy to run at login, it should update the location information, clearing out whats there.



####### Test
# some code to read users active / inactive status from AD here...

####### Advanced modification below this line #######

if [ result_of_above_test == "Inactive"]; then

# Save the local machine's serial number
serial=$(system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | grep 'Serial Number (system)' | awk '{print $NF}')

# Create the XML file to be uploaded to the JSS
cat <<EOF > /private/tmp/$serial.xml

# Read the JSS URL from the local machine
apiURL=$(defaults read /Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf jss_url | sed 's:/*$::')

# Update the Location section of the computer record
curl -sfku $apiUser:$apiPass $apiURL/JSSResource/computers/serialnumber/$serial/subset/location -T /private/tmp/$serial.xml -X PUT > /dev/null
    # Note - the "location" bit is a guess.  Need to check thats actually what it's called.

# Remove the saved XML file
rm /private/tmp/$serial.xml


exit 0

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Instead of using the API, you can just run recon with the -username and other parameters. see 'jamf help recon' for more info.

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That's was my first thought. Would it work to remove details? Would be a lot easier if it did.

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If I recall correctly from another thread, you can't use the jamf recon syntax to remove location information, only to assign it or update it. It won't accept a blank value I believe.


I've actually never used Recon. I will look into that as an option as well, thank you!