Automatically issuing data wipe command using JAMF.

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Hi team. When Mabooks are lost or stolen and we want to initiate the wipe data command or lock macbook command using macbook mac address or serial number. We are looking to automate this process using ServiceNow ticketing tool. so could you please tell me how can we achieve this? How can we set a up policy to automatically wipe the mac.? How can we integrate it with the Service now ticketing tool?

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Can you not trigger those MDM commands using the API service?

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Yeah, pretty sure you could do this with the API. As in

curl -X POST -u "username:password" https://<jamfurlhere>.com/JSSResource/computercommands/command/EraseDevice/id/<jamf_computer_id>

I can't be certain right now as I haven't tested it, but from the API documentation it looks like you would need to know the computer's Jamf ID to send the command to it. I'm not sure if it supports UUID or Serial Number. It may not.

The documentation also lists this as a valid resource url
which shows the following as the description:

Creates a new computer command. Commands supported: DeviceLock, EraseDevice.

Now all you have to do is figure out how to get ServiceNow to issue such a command. I can't help with that part.