Automatically open web clip?

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I am trying out the following and want to know if what I am doing is possible or not;

In my case i have a iPad enrolled and managed in JSS. In case the iPad gets stolen or for what other reason I want to be able to add it to a group and open a web clip with a link that tells the user to contact xyz... etc.

I basically need this functionality:

  • Add device to a group where I made a profile with a webclip.
  • Open the webclip on the device but have it be a single app, so the user cannot use the iPad for anything else other than to see the message.
  • User cannot restore iPad as its in DEP, so it will automatically enroll and open web clip again.
  • Whenever I remove the iPad from the group, functionality is restored again.

Is this a possibility in JSS? Is iOS 8/9 able to have a web clip open automatically as single app mode?

Any help or suggestions would be gladly appreciated.


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The only thing I can think of is to use a combination of URL filtering to the specific site only, the web clip and safari in single app mode.

Would it be easier to remotely lock the iPad with a message? It feels like trying to do this with a Web Clip is going against the grain!

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Hi David,

Yes I tried this, however the web clip is being added to the iPad, but how do I make safari load it as single app?
I can specify what app to load as a single app mode, but not which or what URL / webclip.
When I load safari as a single app, it does. But it shows my old tabs and then it says "requested url not available", and not the "lock" link.

If we can lock the iPad with a message that would be awesome, thats actually all I need but I can't make it happen on iOS. On Mac OS I can do this with a 6 digit code, but not on iPad.

Thats why I was asking if this is possible with a web clip, or only with an app.

Quote: Would it be easier to remotely lock the iPad with a message?

-- Is this possible by adding it to a certain group?


Hi @javiermctwo

Have you ever figured out how to do this? Im looking into a way for a device to open a web clip in single app mode. Looks like it can be opened in full screen but it doesn't stop them from closing it or browsing to a different site.