automatically uninstalling apps from groups of iPads

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I just recently got Jamf off the ground here with our iPads (a bit over 200 of them) and have been making adjustments as we figure out what apps we need in the various labs.

As a result, I find I have groups of iPads with apps that are not wanted in some places. Usually these were scoped in, found to not be appropriate or wanted, and so were removed from scope. A few were initially placed in the wrong department, or were moved. To my surprise, removing the devices from scope did not remove the apps. With almost 100 apps and 200 devices, just trying to track down what iPads have apps they should not is a pain. (is there a report for that? ("show me devices that have apps that used to be in scope but aren't anymore but the app is still installed")

Anyway, the only way to remove an app from an iPad that I am aware of is to add the device to the app's Exceptions list. Obviously, adding hundreds of iPads to the list for a hundred apps is impractical. I was hoping then to take the less laborious route of adding an exception that was the opposite of the scope, "NOT member of Department xxx". This would be a little tedious for 100 apps, but was more practical. Unfortunately, this tab is fairly limited, and I can only exclude by IS member of Department etc. So this is out too unless I want to create a whole slug of anti-departments also, and I'm not going there.

Please tell me I'm missing something obvious here? There's got to be a better way of restricting app scope? I'd absolutely love to see a check box I missed somewhere (global, or I suppose even per-app) that says "uninstall app from devices not in scope".


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Removing a device from the scope of an app should revoke the app license and send an MDM command to remove the app from the device. If removing devices from app scopes is really not removing the apps you should contact your Jamf Buddy.

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You may have to run an update inventory on the iPads so they check in and add/remove apps.

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to see what devices have an app installed, click on the devices tab, then at the top you will see a search bar with mobile devices after it; there is a drop down box where you can change it to mobile device apps. you can then search for the app and it will tell you what devices have the app installed. you can also see where the vpp content is assigned under devices/inventory/search vpp content; if you do a blank search and filter by app you can see where the content is showing as assigned.