Azure AD User Assignments

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We are phasing out our local AD server and just using Azure AD with Microsoft A3 Student and Faculty accounts.  Is it possible to still assign the user during device setup so that the student/faculty's email is automatically set up?  From what I've found it requires LDAP/LDAPs and we dont have Azure AD DS yet. 

Does manual user assignment from Azure AD work? How do you tell which user is from which database (students and faculty show up twice and I'm assuming its from Apple School Mgr and Azure AD, but which user is which?)?


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Hey @jhathcock, please take a look into this article from travellingtechguy (TTG). The article describes how to setup Azure AD as cloud IDP in Jamf Pro.



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I have done that. But when we wipe a system and go through reinstall, the entered username and password do not link to the azure ad.  Does it only work for manual assignment or self-enrollment?