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I am quite new to JAMF.
I've got everything working except of one attribute: department
The guy who was assigned to install JAMF with me said, there is only one way to get the content of this attribute.
You need to statically add departments in JAMF, that are the same as the content of the department attribute.
And it works.
But why use Azure if you need to statically write down everything and always need to keep it up to date?
There are many other AD attributes, that can be read via JAMF, why not this one and is there a way to fix this??
Thanks for your advice.



From my experience when using either the Building or Department attribute that Jamf has to have those already in the Settings>Network Organization>Departments. Once you enter them once in there it should map correctly as long as it is the same text.


It is a slight annoyance at first but I couldn't imagine the departments changing that often where you are constantly needing to change the Jamf section.


This is an annoyance.  Automation is what should be foremost on people's minds.  I have yet to get an explanation why you have to put in departments to match Azure. Why can't it pull the field like all the rest of the fields (mobile,  jobTitle, etc). Our company has Departments such as 'Marketing > Marketing 1', 'Marketing > Marketing 2', and so on.  This could make input of departments in the hundreds... 

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I think this a problem with JAMF
If I map the Azure department attribute to the mobilephone JAMF user attribute, then the department value is displayed.