Big Sur Upgrade Bash Command

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Does anyone know the correct Bash command to upgrade to Big Sur? I tried using "/Applications/Install macOS Big --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction" but it just hangs.


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I find that opening the installer app for the first time takes ages, it’ll just bounce in the dock and terminal command to it also hang.

Not sure if the app on first load does some verification steps to Apple, once it opens I then find terminal commands work instantly.

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Hi Trying to instal lVentura Silently Via any suggestions 

--agreetolicense --nointeraction does nothng but pop up the install


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Hey Michael. These are the commands I'm using. They worked with Monterey last year and they work with Ventura this year as well. These commands assume that you're allowing end-users to initiate the installation via Self Service, and that Install macOS is already cached on their machine (I use a separate policy to download the installer silently to compatible Macs that don't have it yet).

Note that the Apple Silicon variant requires you to list the password of a local Administrator account in the command.

Also note that if your users are running this from Self Service, in my experience it can take a while (10-30 minutes) for the Mac to restart while MobileSoftwareUpdate runs in the background. The only indication your users will have as the Mac prepares for the update will be the spinning circle in Self Service, so you might want to give them a heads up about that. ☺️ 

/Applications/Install\ macOS\ --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction && sleep 10 && osascript -e 'tell application "Self Service" to quit'

Apple Silicon

echo <local admin account password> | /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --agreetolicense --nointeraction --user itdepartment --stdinpass && sleep 10 && osascript -e 'tell application "Self Service" to quit'

I used something like this back in the Big Sur days.

Do you have the policy you use to cache the on the computer if they don't already have it installed?

Sure—that policy is pretty simple. I just host the package in Jamf Pro, add it to the policy, and then scope the policy to a smart group that looks for Macs that don't have Install macOS installed. 

What method have you been using since the Big Sur days? How's it been working for you?

Same here, I had a InstallAssistant package that would download the 12GB installer to their computer once deployed. Not sure where to find those packages anymore.

I believe you can find them from MrMacintosh here:

To get the installer these days I just use the following code to grab the latest version of the installer:

softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version 1.2.3


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I just download Install macOS from the app store onto a Mac, package it up using MegaPKGr.zsh since it's too big for Composer to handle alone, upload it as a package to Jamf Pro, and deploy it to Macs from there.

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@jmackbnd Why re-package the Ventura installer when Apple has done it for you:

(You can find a full list of download links for the various macOS versions Apple has published as InstallAssistant packages on @ClassicII 's web site: )

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@jmackbnd  I use app to download any version of macOS.  It download as InstallAssistant-xx.x-xxxxxx.pkg already