Classes and users (EDU Profile) question

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This pertains only to the Mobile Device Groups scoping for the classes.

Does the EDU profile only go on iPads that are scoped to a Mobile Device Group (in classes) AND have a user assigned to the iPad via User and Location?



If you're not using Shared Ipads then you need to have each device assigned with a user in User and Location and have those users assigned to a class. You don't have to have both mobile devices and users if the users are assigned in the class because then those iPads with those users will get the Profile.

What I did to make it more streamed lined is setup a user extension for the students based on their classes, named 'Class ID 1, Class ID 2...' and then set a Smart User Group using the Criteria for those User Extensions. Then in the class, I scoped to the user group which will still get the Profile because the users are assigned to the iPads.

  1. The first pic is the class using a user smart group, the teacher and what time the teacher can control the iPads.
  2. The second pic is the user info with the added user extensions
  3. The third pic is the user smart group setup with using only the user extensions as criteria.


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Thanks for the response, Chad. We are using most of our classes in a normal fashion (using the Students scoped to the classes), but are also trying to use some classes with the Mobile Device Groups and unassigned iPads. However, since a user has to be assigned to the devices, we may have to just assign generic users to those devices.