Classroom not reporting Slide Over apps

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Some of our teachers have reported students being able to get around Apple Classroom reporting which app they are using.

I investigated and it turns out that, while Classroom reports both apps when Multitasking, it does not report the app that is in "Slide Over" or hovering over the primary app. Also, while locked into an app by the teacher, students can bring up their dock and launch one of the apps into Slide Over getting around the locked in function.

We are all on iOS 11 and I repeated my test after upgrading teacher and student to 11.2.

Can anyone else confirm this?


New Contributor II

Seeing the same results here. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. It looks like it's occurring even in apps with Single App Mode control, like our LMS. Huge issue for students taking tests. I suppose it's a good thing we can at least see screens!