Computers enrolled but not pulling configuration profiles or software after...

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I have had this happen a few times in the past month but a computer will get enrolled, installed the MDM profile successfully, and show up in JAMF Pro but will be under the serial number rather than the hostname like it should. Also, all profiles and software to be pushed to the device will be pending forever. The JAMF command doesn't install on Terminal either. I'm not sure what is holding the machine back from receiving everything else from our server. The machine is connected to the VPN and has worked plenty of times in the past.... Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I would take a look at the "Managed:" attribute/field in the general inventory section. I have seen this before and had to manually add the management account for everything to kick-off properly. If you have a randomized management account password, this will be a problem, as you will be required to add the management account password to set the "managed by" attribute.

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Kburns what if you don’t have a randomized password on your management account? We are running into a similar situation with new computers. We create a management account in our PreStage that does not have a randomized account

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We've started having this issue over the past month as well. We also don't use a randomized account. It's not every computer but it's often enough to be annoying. We've just started installing our quickadd.pkg when it happens because that will kickstart the rest of the process.

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Did you ever find a resolution to your issue?